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Businesses want to power their operations with renewable energy

Energy production is one of the main sources of carbon emissions globally, and an increasing number of companies are committing to 100% renewable energy.

Fulfilling this ambition requires a way of tracking renewable electricity. Today, this is solved using Energy Attribute Certificates, called Guarantees of Origin (GOs) in Europe and Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) in the US. These ensure that the amount of electricity sold corresponds to the amount produced. GOs allow end consumers to choose electricity from a specific source; this enables them to choose electricity exclusively from renewable sources such as wind, solar or hydropower.

Renewable energy production doesn’t always match demand

The GOs reflect average consumption and production over longer time periods, in practice a year. They don’t consider when the production and consumption take place. Put differently, they consider the total in the time period, not the consumption or production patterns within it.

Businesses need electricity to power their operations regardless of whether the sun shines, the wind blows or the water flows. When there’s not enough availability of renewables, electricity from other sources fills the gap. That means that businesses today do not know if their consumption matches renewable production every day, every hour.

Vattenfall has together with Microsoft developed a first-of-its-kind solution to give customers a new level of transparency – 24/7 hourly matching of consumption and production.

24/7 hourly matching solution

  • You choose the electricity you want. For example, you may choose wind, combined with hydro (or fossil-free nuclear) for when there’s not enough wind.
  • We’ve connected Vattenfall’s wind parks and hydro stations, and help you connect your consumption using smart meters (or use grid data).
  • We match your consumption and with your chosen production hour-by hour in near real-time using SmartUtility built on Microsoft Azure IOT.
  • You see what energy you get in near real time, in a dashboard which you can opt to share with employees, visitors or other stakeholders.

A new level of transparency

  • Get the energy you want – every hour.
  • See if your commitment to 100% renewable energy covers each hour of consumption.
  • Learn how your consumption fits the production profile of the sources you prefer.
  • Adjust your consumption to better fit the availability of a certain kind of electricity produced.

Together, we can help drive demand for renewable electricity when it’s needed. Find out how the 24/7 matching solution fits your business requirements.

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